I’ve had the luxury and pleasure of spending 6 months living and working in the Makuleke concession, right up the top of Kruger National Park where Mozambique and Zimbabwe meet with South Africa. What an incredible place it is! Nestled in the tropical belt, it boasts 80% of the biodiversity of the entire Kruger Park, with just 1% of the total land area. I don’t think words or pictures could ever quite do justice to such a beautiful place, but here are 6 of my favourites anyway. If you really want to know how stunning nature can be, you will have to come see it for yourself….

1. Lanner Gorge


A peaceful place to reflect and absorb the the incredible beauty and scale of nature. No-one can avoid falling in love with that view.

2. The fever-tree forest


An entire forest of yellow-gold trees – it looks like a setting for the Lord of the Rings!

3. Mongala


A stunning lookout where we often spot elephant and buffalo coming down for a drink in the evening. Here you can see it from above, but we can actually sit right by the river too.

4. Hutwini Gorge


Following in the footsteps of giants; for thousands of years elephant and buffalo have walked through this ancient gorge between their favourite feeding grounds and the river. At the top, you’re treated to this incredible lookout – I can’t decide which part of the walk I like more!

5. Mashishiti springs


This spring is locally known as the heart of Makuleke, providing fresh water year-round to the concession. My favourite walk is to hide ourselves above the spring on a hot evening and watch the animals walk within metres of us, completely unaware, as they come to drink. [Photo courtesy of @kingcone]

6. Nwambi Pan


As one of the only year-round pans in the area, Nwambi is always teeming with life – hippo, crocodiles, elephant, buffalo and game. Not to mention the birds! This always makes for an exciting walk and beautiful views. [Photo courtesy of mac-in-africa.blogspot.com]

So that’s it! Honestly, I could carry on listing my favourite spots forever as this place is so incredibly special. But I’ll just leave these ones with you, for now.